Funny stories:

When I went to the hospital to get the papers, A women who was handling my paperwork
was reaching for a envelope to put the papers in, I said "I have a binder for them, I don't
need a envelope" So she hands me the papers, and I start looking thru them she
screams "YOU CAN'T LOOK AT THAT, THOSE ARE PRIVATE" I said "but there about ME!"
She GRABS them back and Seals them in a envelope and screams (Screams)
"THERE FOR YOUR DOCTOR TO LOOK AT NOT YOU" and SEALS them in the envelope I say "OK
then I WON'T open the envelope and look at them in my car" She says
"I don't care WHAT you do as LONG AS you DON'T read them here"


It reminds me when I had a HIV test; the paper included with the results stated I
couldn't tell anyone the results of the test, unless I have written permission FROM ME!

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