...So I woke up with this Lump on my neck


I started out In January 2003 weighing about 400 pounds
I was living with my girlfriend, and going out to eat all the time, and living a pretty fat / ice cream / sugar Lifestyle (which I enjoyed, don't get me wrong) One morning when I woke up, and went in to take a bath and Get ready for work, I was shaving I noticed a Lump on my neck, and was worried It could be cancer, a tumor, Or worse. So I IMMEDIATELY went to my doctor, who said it was an infection of the lymph nodes, And prescribed an anti-biotic. While I was there he tested my blood pressure and also took blood He said my BP was dangerously high, and gave me some blood pressure medicine to take right at that moment Had me wait in his office for 30 minutes and then re-tested my BP (which was still high, but not dangerous) He told me, that my BP was near stroke level, and that I *MUST* start taking Meds daily to get it under control He prescribed an antibiotic, and a BP medicine and I went home.

I noticed that the BP meds made me dizzy and light headed and I missed a few days of work, because the meds made me feel 'spacey' and he told me that it would take a week for my body to get used to the drop in blood pressure When I was back at work, a few days later, I was working at my desk when it felt like someone PUNCHED me in the jaw The pain was so intense I saw stars (really!), I got 'punched' like that about 6 times that day, and I called the doctor and told him about it, he said it was a muscle pull, and I should ignore it, but NOT to stop the Antibiotics, Well I endured the 'punches' for about a week and stopped taking the antibiotics, the pain was more then I could deal with. When I stopped taking them the "punches' went away, but then I noticed where I cut myself shaving, a infection was forming, Well, the infection went full on, and in a weeks time, my Cheek was puffed out like a chipmunk (I will leave out the icky stuff, believe me your better off not hearing it!

After a few weeks of the cheek infection, Things returned to normal, I was used to the BP meds, and was healing THEN (ominous music plays) July 20th I was hit with syatica in my right leg. The Pain was so intense breathing Was difficult. I went to the doctor and was given a pain killer, he also told me that my lab results showed my Blood sugar levels where 400 and that if I didn't get my sugar intake under control I would have to go on diabetic Medications. GREAT my whole friggin body is breaking down, my life is in the crapper and I am now a diabetic as well.

I have even more of the story to tell.. and I will add it soon

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