...But seriously folks,

I was thin at 5 years old, thats the last time I remeber ever being thin.

    jon @ 5
  • One of six children, and the youngest, I was left alone alot, and being lonely I turned to food as my comfort. I was'nt a sad kid, I was a lonely kid. I had alot of interests and they are proberbly what kept me 'normal' I was fasinated with everything, and with anything (esp electronics) I would take apart things just to see how they worked. I was always curious and that curiosity has followed me thru life, I call myself a information junkie.

  • I grew up in brooklyn, staying up late watching old movie musicals, and listening to the radio, I developed a love for music and when I say music everything from billie holiday to oingo boingo.
  • I got interested in computers in 1979 and had a Apple ][ Computer, I ended up being a computer consultant and a Macintosh specialist till just a few years ago.
  • I am a control freak, and when drugs where popular, I tried them, but I did not like not being in control of myself. So with all the extra brain cells that survived the '70's
    I have a really sharp mind, and a visiously quick wit.

I have tried stand up comedy, but didn't like performing in front of a crowd, I like one on one with people, and making people laugh.

Jonathan Gleich (jon@macgeek.com)

Copyright 2003 by Jonathan Gleich

Jon Facts:

Born in October, 1958
Born in Brooklyn, N.Y.
one of six children
Never married
Loves Star Trek
Has over 1000 CD's
Home automation fan
Home Theater lover
Comedy Writer
Loves Las Vegas